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Although most people are aware of the Chinese name, not many of us know perm hair in Chinese culture. Perms have been used for centuries in China as well as in other parts of Asia. However, only recently, perm had gained popularity outside of Asia as a fashion fad in Western culture and as an item for men to wear.

It was not until about a decade ago that men in the West began to dress in perm hairstyles. The styles were popular in men’s fashion magazines, but they were usually reserved for those men who had been married for several years. Now, more than ever, men are looking for new ways to express themselves.

Meaning of Perm Hair in Chinese:

In Chinese culture, the word “perm” means “halo.” It has led many people to believe that these types of hairstyles are related to the practice of wearing halo-style bangs. It is not necessarily the case, however. The term “perm” means “head-shaped,” and it has nothing to do with hats or other facial accessories.

Many people have assumed that perm hairstyles were originating by a group of women in ancient China. However, there is little evidence to support this theory.

The Popularity Of Perm Hair in Chinese:

The popularity of perm hairstyles in Chinese culture began to grow when imported into the West. There are many perm hairstyles available today, but it is essential to remember that they are based on the same basic principles. If you plan to look good and feel great, you should try out all of the perm hairstyles available today.

As perm hair has become more prevalent in Western culture, it has become increasingly important to understand Chinese perm hairstyles’ origins. If you are a Chinese culture student, you will learn a lot about the culture through perm hairstyles. Although perm hair has roots in traditional Chinese culture, you can also learn about the various aspects of Chinese culture connected to perm’s wearing.

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Why is Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Understanding Chinese hair history may also help you understand why it is becoming increasingly popular in Western culture. Chinese culture does not always follow Western fashion trends. Perm hairstyles in Chinese culture are often more unique than those in the West. It is because they are influencing by the particular cultural beliefs of each region of the country.

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Most Common Type Of Perm Hair in Chinese Women:

The most common type of perm hair perm that Chinese women wear in Chinese culture called wu-long hair, which means “long hair.” Another popular perm style called kelp hair, which means “medium hair.”

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1. Wu-long hair

Wu-long hair is quite similar to long European hair, but it is often a bit longer. Because of the length, wu-long hair is usually cut short. Whereas long hair in Chinese culture often braided, dyed, or styled.

2. Kelp hair

Kelp hair, which is quite similar to European wavy hair, is also a trendy perm hairstyle in Chinese culture. In addition to the length, kelp hair often dyed, braided, or stylized, depending on the culture.

3. Shui-long

The third popular perm hairstyle in Chinese culture is called Shui-long, which means “medium length” hair. This type of hair commonly worn in cities like Beijing, where the climate is warm and dry.

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Bottom Line:

Of course, long hair is also a popular perm hairstyle in Chinese culture. Although it also commonly used for formal events like weddings, and also worn in many different ways throughout the year. It includes ponytail styles, wavy hair, and wispy perm hair.

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