Types of Hair Used to Make Hair Extensions

Types of hair used in Hair Extension

Find the Suitable among Different Types of Hair Extensions

It’s not easy to pick out the right type of hair for your face. There are very different types of hair that it is nearly impossible to find a style that is suitable for all faces. Some women hair types can be matched with other faces, but a lot of them are a bit more challenging to find even perfect hair extensions.

While not all hair looks good on any face, there are some common types of hair that will look nice when they are worn. These common types of hair can give you a variety of hairstyles that will look nice on any face shape. Here are the most common human hair types that are used to make hair extensions for women.

Types of Hair Used to Make Hair Extensions for Hairstyles

Type 1: Mohawk hairstyle hair extensions

Mohawk hairstyles hair extensions are all about making the hair look good. It means that women with long hair will generally be happy with a hairstyle that has a Mohawk or a blunt top style. A long and thin style with curly hair will look gentle with these. A great hairstyle like this is called a Mohawk, which is a cut in the hair that results in an undercut.

Type 2: Flat Top Hairstyle Hair Extensions

Flat top hairstyles, the only people who would not be happy with a flat top hairstyle are women who have very short hair. They can have longer hair than the others in the group and still be satisfied with a flat top style. It is because a flat top hairstyle is very flattering on the face among other types of hair extensions.

Type 3: Layered Hairstyle Hair Extensions

Layered hairstyles, when you want to add volume to your hair you can also layer your hair. It makes it look thicker than it is in reality. The added volume that you get from layers makes your hair look very natural.

Type 4: Shoulder Layering Hairstyle Hair Extensions

Shoulder to Shoulder Layering One of the best looks for the forehead is a layered look. The layers look so great on forehead areas because the forehead is a high point. You can find many layers that go across the forehead.

Type 5: Cheek Layering Hairstyle Hair Extensions

Cheek to Cheek Layering The cheek to cheek layering can also look great on the forehead. The cheek to cheek layering is the layered hairstyle that is best for the cheeks. This look seems very sexy than other types of hair.

Type 6: Bangs Hairstyle Hair Extensions

With bangs will make a person look very sexy. The bangs can be straight or swept in so that they look excellent. You can also use the bangs to match the other hairstyles that are in the group.

Type 7: Asymmetrical Hairstyle Hair Extensions

The asymmetrical hairstyle can be an excellent choice for people who have long hair or short hair. If you are trying to keep your hair out of your face, this can be the right choice for you.

Type 8: Blonde Hair Extensions

Blonde hair is also a type of hair that can be very flattering for any face shape. The blonde hair can make a woman look very sexy, especially if she has bangs.

How to Pick the Best Among Different Types of Hair Extension?

People who have a round face will probably want to choose hair extensions that match their look. For women who have a square or pear-shaped face, they will probably want to pick a style that is similar to the hair that is on their face. The hair that is on their face is going to match the hair that is on their head.


There are many more hairstyles that can be matched with each other. When choosing the best hairstyle for you, it is essential to match the hairstyle to the hair type that you have. Choose a style that will look good on you will be happy with the way your hair looks.

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