Top Eight Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

After selecting the prom dress, the second most significant thing to play a vital role in your appearance is the prom hairstyle. When it comes to prom, everyone wants things at its perfection peak, and hair is in top things. Now there are varieties of choices to make prom hairstyles for long hair. Selecting one may be a bit difficult, but do not worry. Breath relaxed, and sit down on your favorite place. Look at the long list of gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair, we’ve best selected for you. Presently, finding the perfect one hairstyle is comfortable for you.  

What are the Best Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair?

1. Messy Bun:

If you have decided to wear a defined make up style, then you need a simple prom hairstyle. It makes you overall look balanced and glamorous look. A loose messy bun can glam you if paired with bold lip shade or dark smokey eyes.  

Messy Bun Prom Hairstyle
Messy Bun: Pinterest

2. Side Ponytail:

You may think that side ponytail is an effortless hairstyle for prom, but it gives a romantic and stylish look. It especially suits long hair. To make this kind prom hairstyles for long hair, take a partition comb to do a deep side part. Then sweep all hair on the other side. By creating a lower ponytail on the side, lock it with an elastic band. To give this a more clean look, take a hair strand, and cover the elastic band by wrapping around it.

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Side ponytail prom hairstyle
Side Ponytail: Pinterest/allure

3. Low Ponytail:

Low ponytail suits you if you make it with long waves and locks. It is a simple yet amazingly good prom hairstyle for long hair. To give prom hairstyles for long hair more exciting look, make sure your low ponytail looks flawless and sleek.

Low Ponytail: Pintrest

4. Braided Topknot:

 Hitting the dance floor with hair off of your face is perfect. The usual topknot is a solution with a glam touch of braided look at the back of your head. Also, keeping your braid a clean look can excite your prom hairstyle for long hair.

Braided Topknot: Pinterest

5. Vintage or Retro Curls

This hairstyle makes you look classic and elegant in prom. This kind of prom hairstyles for long hair makes you stand out in gathering and noticeable. Add glam to your beauty by using a bold shade of lipstick. It looks perfect if you put all of your hair on one shoulder, as you can see in the picture.

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Vintage and Retro curls Prom hairstyles for long hair
Retro pinned Curls: Pinterest

6. Messy Braid:

It is one of the perfect prom hairstyles for long hair. A messy braid is a most lovable hairstyle that shows off your beauty. Also, it adds glam to your dress, jewelry, and things you are wearing. Adding beauty to your make up makes your personality charming.

Messy braid: hairstyles for long hair
Messy Braid: Pinterest

7. Waterfall Braid

A great prom vibe hairstyle is here. It works at its best on loosely curled and waved hairstyle.  Braided prom hairstyles for long hair seriously has great-looking prom vibes. It gives you a flattering look when you gather hair to make the braid and left fall having a sleek look.

Braided: prom hairstyles for long hair
Pinterest Medium and long waterfall braid

8. Dutch Braid with Bun

Who doesn’t want to look unique in prom? Prom hairstyle with long hair looks different if you’ve loose and soft dutch braid at one side or middle of your head and make a bun of rest of your hair.

Dutch braid bun: Prom hairstyles for long hair
Dutch braid with bun: Pinterest

Other prom hairstyles for long hair you can make by adding some flowers, beads, or fancy clip on your head. While the rest of the locks appear sleek and healthy.

Tell us what is your favorite prom hairstyle and on which you are doing to add flowers or clips.  

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