Side French Braid- Easy Side Braids Step By Step

Easy side french braid Step by step (side plaits or side french braid styles)

If you know how to side braid, then you think its a solution not to overthink about choosing a hairstyle. Learning that isn’t easy, believe only these are easy side braids/ side plaits. Let’s pick one of the favorites and all-time in-fashion braided hairstyle that is the side french braid. Side braids are easy if you know the french braid styles. How can you confirm that it is an easy french braid unless you see? Let’s get started with step by step tutorial.

Things needed to start side french braid hairstyle:
  • Hairbrush
  • Elastic hair bands
Others can be:
  • Hold spray to manage your hairstyle.
  • Bobby Pins for covering hair strands coming out of your hair because of hair cut.

Easy Side French Braid Step By Step (Side Plaits Or Side French Braid Styles)

Step 1: Part Your Hair

Untangle all of your hair perfectly. Make a hairline at the side of your head. To start side plaits in a manageable way, make another hairline at the crown.

To glam your look, allow some hair strands to fall at the side of the face. So, reserve some section of your hair at very front of the head for it.

Set all hair at the front of the shoulder, at that side head from where you’re going to start the french braid.

Step 2: Make Hair Sections To Start Braid

Pick the hair from the side hairline and make three sections of picked hair. Let’s name them as left, middle and right for your ease.

Central Part of French Plait

Step 3: Cross the Sections and Start Plaiting/Braiding

Take left section of your hair and cross in between the middle and right hair strands. Now take the right section and cross in between the left and middle sections of hair.

Again to firm the tresses, take the right section of your hair and cross in between the centre and left part. Then take the left section and cross in between the other two hair strands, like before.

Step 4: Add More Hair to Right and Left Sections to Get Actual Side French Braid Style

When you are crisscrossing the hair section from left to right and right to left, do not forget to add more hair in them. Remember you are only taking take hair till the crown hairline to add in your side plaits.

When you are mingling left section add more hair to it aside from the actual three parts. Again when it comes to right section crossover, do the same to add more locks for side braids formation.

When you reach your ear, it’s pretty sure that hair above hairline is no more to add in locks. Then start picking strands from the back of your head until you reach the shoulder.

Step 5: Do the Standard Braid

After adding hair to your french braid there is no more hair left to add in your tress. Remember to keep hair at the front of your shoulder. Start the standard 3 strand braid.

Step 6: Tie Your Side French Braid

Stop a little above from ending of your hair. Take an elastic band and secure it.

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Easy Finishing Tips for Side French Braid styles

Under the tied hair, take a thin hair strand and wrap around your elastic. Use your thumb and finger by lightly pulling braid hair from side to give it a fuller look. Do hair spray it for all day long, chic hairstyle.

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