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Why choose 100% human hair wigs?

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Wigs can refresh a person's image. A simple wig can inject freshness into our lives and allow us to discover a different version of ourselves. That's why a lot of people like wigs. Of course, what you give is what you give. We recommend buying 100% real hair for reasons we will explain in the article

There are three main types of clients who wear wigs: physiological, professional and everyday


Physiological needs

These days, people are getting younger and younger. The fast pace of the 21st century has brought increasing stress to many people. Excessive work and stress can lead to pathological hair loss. From childhood to the present, we have felt the role of appearance in the quality of life. We are not advocating that appearance is not everything, but we must admit that a person's image can always affect the way we feel about ourselves and those around us. So when people get sick, like cancer chemotherapy, they need the perfect wig to regain their confidence and rebuild their image. When we feel good about ourselves, we are more confident and productive.

Professional requirements

Some specific industries require wigs, especially the beauty and makeup industry, which uses actors and models at work to create more style, complete role playing and special styles

Daily needs

Black women's hair does not grow too long, and their hair is frizzy and dry, which is difficult to satisfy black women's pursuit of diversity and beauty. So wigs were a daily necessity for black women, like food and clothing.

Now that we understand why people wear wigs, the market is full of wig materials like human hair, synthetic hair, and synthetic hair. How should we choose? If the budget allows, our first suggestion :100% real wig, here's why

100% Natural appearance

The headdress is made from 100% unprocessed human hair, so it looks natural and healthy. Conversely, synthetic hair looks too shiny, giving the impression of being fake and cheap. From a touch point of view: a real person's hair is soft and smooth, touching the head is smooth. It carries a certain amount of weight in the hand because real human hair contains enough nutrients and healthy elements. Conversely, chemical-fiber hair feels plastic to the touch. As far as taste goes: Human hair is basically odorless. When you use your favorite shampoo and conditioner, the smell of these products stays in your hair and makes you feel at home. Contrary, chemical fibbe hair passes chemical processing, can have pungent smell inevitably, affect the mood that adorn, threaten its health.


Comfortable wearing experience

If you've experimented with synthetic hair and a real head mask, you'll find that the real head mask is more breathable and more comfortable for your scalp. Of course, it's normal that we all sweat when we exercise or when the temperature is too high.

Unlike artificial hair, you can wear real hair all day without causing excessive sweating or scalp irritation.

Easy dyeing

Real human hair can be bleached and dyed, and we know that different hair colors can cause different changes. Human hair coloring is very simple because it does not produce uneven coloring and no color just like our own hair coloring. But any hair dye can have an impact on the health of your hair. Whether it's your own hair or a real hair cap, it should be taken care of.

Various shapes

Real human hair can be shaped in any way you want, such as straightening curly hair or curling straight hair into different curves. You can design different hairstyles according to your preferences and different dressing styles.

Longer service life

Real human hair lasts longer than chemical fibers. Real hair is a cosmetic consumable that can't be bought for a lifetime. But usually a real wig can last a year or more if we do it right. Because once hair is cut from the donor, there is no scalp and body to provide nutrients, so that's why our post-care is especially important.


Easy to take care of

A real head mask is just like the long hair on our own scalp and needs regular care. Shampoos ensure that hair is clean and fresh, while conditioners provide nutrients that make hair feel smoother, shimmery and bouncy. With the same amount of time and attention to grooming your own hair, you'll be able to maintain a true human wig.

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