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What minefields should big face girls avoid

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Which hairstyles do you choose to look small?

In life, it seems that every girl has too many dissatisfaction with her face and feels that her face is big. Some faces are really big, square or round. But there are also some women who feel that their face is relatively large. In fact, the size of their face is medium. Whether it's really big or I think it's big, anyway, everyone will ask the hairdresser to make a small hairstyle for themselves at the barber's. However, in choosing a hairstyle, it is really a matter to know which hairstyle minefields big faced girls should avoid and which hairstyles show small faces. Let's have a look!

Hairstyle minefield

1. You can't choose a hair style that sticks to the scalp

For girls with sparse hair, try not to choose such a hairstyle, otherwise it will make the whole face look bigger, and you can't choose a shoulder length hairstyle. Such a hairstyle is very harmful to the whole face, and it will visually make people feel that the face is really big. In fact, it can be properly matched with a bangs, It can also easily cover the cheeks, but try not to choose those with too thick bangs, otherwise they will appear stiff, ugly and affect the beauty.

2. Don't choose a hairstyle that is too fluffy

Also try not to choose heavy hair or fluffy straight hair, because this kind of hair will make the face bigger for girls with large faces, and even make their hearts full of depression. This will make the whole head look larger, and the thick oblique bangs are also very inappropriate. If you choose this kind of hair, It will significantly increase the width of the face, and even expose all the shortcomings on the face.

3. You can't perm your hair for a curl

Perm is not suitable for every woman. If you choose the right perm, you can have long hair and a certain femininity. However, if you choose the wrong perm, all the defects on the whole face will be exposed, which will affect a person's temperament and significantly reduce the appearance of the whole person. It is very inappropriate for women, Therefore, when choosing, we must look at the hair quality and face shape to determine whether it is suitable for perm.

Recommended hairstyle

1. Princess Cut

This hairstyle is a very good discovery for women, and this hairstyle is popular this year. Whether it's a star or a net red sister, they almost choose this hairstyle. Moreover, this hairstyle can better decorate their cheeks and make their faces look more exquisite. This hairstyle can easily cover some defects that need to be covered, It can easily cover up and let the girl with big face immediately have a small face with big palm.

2. Exposed short hair

This hairstyle is a necessary hairstyle for girls with large face, because this length can see a hairstyle that increases the height of the head, so that the overall look can lengthen the effect of the face. You can also add some bangs appropriately, which can vaguely cover the whole face, and this hairstyle gives people a more fashionable and capable feeling.

Summary of the small editor of the hairstyle Club: it is very difficult for women with large faces to choose a hairstyle. As long as you choose the right one, you can have a different temperament. If you choose the wrong one, your face will look bigger and the effect will be worse. Therefore, women with round faces are generally not easy to change their hairstyles and are afraid to choose one that is not suitable for them, And when choosing hair style, we must completely hide the defects on the whole face, so as to look more exquisite.

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