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What hairstyle is suitable for baby face slightly fat girls

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Although many girls have been shouting to lose weight, it doesn't seem very beautiful to lose too much weight, especially in the eyes of the older generation. Slightly fat girls actually look plump and not too fat. In fact, they are still very good. So what are the hairstyle choices of slightly fat girls with baby faces? Let's follow Xiaobian to see which hairstyles are suitable for slightly fat girls!

The round baby face is very small at first sight. A eyebrow bangs directly decorate the forehead. The natural medium and long hair takes care of the style of medium wavy curl, which is lazily scattered on the shoulders. The slightly fat visual feeling is supplemented by the dark chocolate hair color, which is more charming and lovely.

Small fat girl is actually pretty beautiful, a little meat image, if the lovely baby face can try this air bangs Bob hair curly hair, fluffy hair tail buckle, the whole face wrapped up, full on the camera feeling is full.

The short hair shown in the figure is a little partial to the Japanese style. The neck length short hair is fluffy and curly. With Japanese nude makeup and a young baby face, it gives people a comfortable beauty of slightly fat meat. This hairstyle is very suitable for slightly fat girls.

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