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Variable long curly hair suitable for big face girls in 2021

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Big face girls perm curly hair to show small face is the key

It is the key for girls with big face to show their small face by perming their curly hair. No matter what style of perm you choose, the first thing to consider is whether you can decorate their big face small, because this is an era of small face aestheticism. The ever changing long curly hair style suitable for big face girls in 2021 is below. Have you considered perming your hair?

Big face girl black light bangs long curly hair style

Schoolgirls with big faces have long black hair. It is very popular to curl their hair in autumn. This is the hottest Qi Liuhai corrugated perm hairstyle for schoolgirls. It can not only decorate your big round face with the vision of a long and small face, but also make the whole person look particularly sweet and charming.

Big round face girls divide the curly head perm hairstyle while

For girls with small hair, you might as well be bold. Start from the top of your head and let your long hair curl and fluffy. This Korean medium thin banged egg curl hairstyle suitable for girls with large round face ensures that you are very beautiful.

Big face girls have medium long bangs and micro curly hair

The big face girl with more hair combs the Korean medium and long bangs. She doesn't have to curl her hair. She just needs to make her hair curly. Look at the medium and micro curly long hair style demonstrated by the Korean big face girl. When the big face becomes smaller, the whole person looks sweet and atmospheric.

Big long face girl air bangs big curl perm hairstyle

The girl with a big long face has a thick dark chestnut long straight hair. Although her hair is not hot and curly, it looks good. However, in order to make herself look beautiful and fashionable, the girl still goes to the hair salon to curl the front hair out, match it with the air bangs to play with her fashion.

Big face girl Korean Air bangs curly hair

More than 20 big face girls under the age of 30 comb chestnut long curly hair in autumn. Since you know your face is big, don't be reluctant to cut the bangs short. This Korean girls' air bangs long curly hair style is very suitable for you. In addition to grooming, it can make you look elegant and not old.

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