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Illustration of elegant ponytail braiding tutorial

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How does horsetail look? It's elegant and charming to tie elegant long hair. Here's a tutorial diagram of elegant ponytail braiding method. Simple hair binding steps can easily handle elegant modeling.

Ponytail Hair binding method is simple and easy to understand. Tie up elegant long hair to expose your forehead, highlighting women's elegant temperament. It is good to modify the perfect face, very elegant temperament.


Step 1: first, take a small bundle of hair above the ears on both sides, fix the other hair, then tie the small bundle of hair into the shape of three braids, and fix it with a black rubber band.

Step 2: put the hair down, then take the round hair bundle at the bangs, and then comb it carefully to create a fluffy feeling.

Step 3: then gather the remaining hair together, and then talk about the hair bundle of bangs. After passing through the side detour, fix the horsetail, and fix it with a small clip.

Step 4: use the end of the fine comb, and then pull out the hair on the head to make the modeling feel stronger and more fashionable.

Step 5: finally, fix the two braids around the hair to easily get an elegant ponytail shape.

The simple five steps are easy to learn, so that you can create an elegant ponytail braided hair style, which can attract eyes and eyes.

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