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The right way to wash your hair with vinegar

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Guide: the correct way to wash your hair with vinegar. Haven't you heard that vinegar can wash your hair, let alone the way to wash your hair with vinegar? Now let's learn about it together. I wonder if everyone will have one like me in winter

The right way to wash your hair with vinegar

Haven't you heard that vinegar can wash your hair, let alone the method of washing your hair with vinegar? Let's learn about it now.

I don't know if you will have the same trouble as me in winter, that is, the trouble of hair in winter. Girls, especially girls with long hair, must have deep feelings about it. Because in winter, the temperature is low and the air is dry, which leads to dry hair and static electricity. And in winter, people wash their hair less often, so there will be knots when they comb their hair with a comb. Many people use this method in order to make their hair better.

1. Wash your hair with vinegar

Many people may wonder, can vinegar wash your hair? Many people who live in cities don't know it, but many people use it in rural areas. Although vinegar is a seasoning, it is like a panacea. It can be used everywhere, and washing your hair with vinegar will make your hair better. Because some substances in vinegar are helpful to the growth of hair and can also play the effect of hair care. Washing your hair with vinegar can make your hair soft and refreshing.

2. Shampoo steps

Now that you know that washing your hair with vinegar can be good for your hair, how should you wash your hair with vinegar? Today I'll take you to learn so that you can operate at home. The first step is to wash your hair. Many people think that washing your hair with vinegar is to wash it directly with vinegar. In fact, this is not the case. Before washing your hair with vinegar, you should wash your hair according to the usual steps, because vinegar can't wash the dirty things out of your hair. You can only wash your hair with vinegar again after washing your hair.

After washing your head with shampoo in the normal steps, wipe your hair dry with a towel and suck up all the water. After your hair is 70% to 80% dry, you can use vinegar. You should pay attention to using vinegar instead of pouring it directly on your head. Because the concentration of vinegar is a little high for hair, direct use may hurt the scalp, so it needs to be diluted. It's about mixing vinegar and water according to the scale of one to ten, and then stirring it again.

After the above steps are completed, the next is the play, that is to get the mixed liquid on your head. Here, you can wipe the mixture on your hair with a towel or gloves. Remember to wipe more on the tail of your hair and soak it, while the root of your hair is less to avoid injury. After the hair is fully coated, the next thing to do is to wait, about 15 minutes, so that the mixture can be fully absorbed by the hair, and then you can wash your hair.

There are two options after washing your hair. One is to directly dry it without anything. At this time, you will find that your hair becomes very soft and clean. The other is to wash the hair with water and then wash it with a hair mask or conditioner. When the hair is about 80% dry, apply two or three drops of hair oil at the end of the hair. After blowing this way, you will find that your hair has been reborn, very shiny, clear and soft, and in a very good state.

3. Other hair care methods

If you want your hair to grow well and don't lose hair, hair care is indispensable. On weekdays, I can go out to bake oil every half a month. If I have some trouble, I can buy an oil dryer to bake at home. It's not expensive at all. Only in this way can the hair get due care and protection. In addition to baking oil, when you go out on weekdays, if there is a big sun, you should remember to spray sunscreen on your hair, and your hair will get sunburn.

After reading it, you must have a clear understanding of how to raise your hair with vinegar. Now you can be ready to try and make your hair better.

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