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The most popular lotus leaf hairstyle this year

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Girls who don't like long hair can choose some short hair lotus leaf hair styles. These are very popular lotus leaf hair styles this year. Now let's enjoy these five beautiful lotus leaf hair styles. Although they are all lotus leaf hair styles, they are designed in different times and styles, It looks very sweet. No matter what style these lotus leaf hairstyles are, they are the most popular this year.

This banged style lotus leaf hair style is a black small curly hair style, coupled with large flowers, such a popular lotus leaf hair style looks fresh and good-looking, and the hair at the end of the hair is a relatively fluffy small curly hair style. Such a lotus leaf head is fresh and aging.

For a girl with a big face, she chose this kind of straight hair lotus leaf head hairstyle. The front is Qi bangs, and the back hair is straight hair. This kind of lotus leaf head is very suitable for Round faced girls, and girls become fresh and pleasant.

Her hair is shoulder length. She just needs to put her hair on and add a lovely little hat. Such a popular lotus leaf hairstyle can make you more foreign.

If your face is a little big, you can consider this kind of lotus leaf head short hair style with a large number of middle fraction bangs in front, because such a lotus leaf head hair style can skillfully cover your face with long bangs, which is particularly beautiful.

A very ol popular lotus leaf head hairstyle with side parting bangs. Such a lotus leaf head is matched with a blue coat. Such a fashionable hairstyle for girls is dignified and foreign. It can't be wrong to use such a hairstyle at work.

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