The latest popular medium and long hair pictures in 2021

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With the advent of 2021, what kind of hairstyle is popular? Today, I sorted out the medium and long hair popular in 2021. All the girls I like come and have a look. Maybe I have a favorite hairstyle.

1. Clavicle curl

No matter what kind of hairstyle you change for long clavicle hair, it is very suitable. The important thing is not to pick a face style. This is a clavicle hairstyle designed as curly hair. Women with round face can easily control it. The separated bangs in the middle make the round face smaller. Coupled with a micro curly perm, the whole person will feel that it is a special spiritual fashion and very beautiful. You can consider the hairstyle of women you like.

2. Curly hair

If you don't like exaggerated perm, you can consider curly hair. I permed with my friends recently. It's really an adult's hair style. However, I want to see the shape of my face. If working women, the wave of perm will be relatively small, and the hair tip will be slightly hot, which can be adjusted at will.

3. Medium long hair line perm

For women with round faces, first of all, don't worry. You should change your hairstyle. Consider it after investigating the long hair here. It's a hairstyle that doesn't iron the hair root. If Qi bangs and bangs are together, they will feel very sweet. Women with round faces are also very good. This is the most popular perm style this year. It not only maintains the direct style, but also can get more fashion and feeling.

4. Big wave long hair style

Black hair is no longer popular in 2021. If you have long hair, you can consider changing it to a hairstyle with big waves. Now many goddess women have changed. They not only cover their face and are thin, but also their age is decreasing. Therefore, I like many women. This is also one of the most popular hairstyles this year. It is a pure girl with beautiful hair color.

5. Medium long straight hair style

Women who hate hairstyles can try to consider medium and long straight hair. The supple straight ball gives people a feeling of mature women. Bangs must not be ignored. Qi bangs can cover up the shortcomings of the forehead and the face becomes smaller. Pay attention not to straighten the hair as a whole and dye it with beautiful hair color.

The popular medium and long hair in 2021 is here. Please take a look at it all.

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