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The latest popular medium and long hair perm in 2021

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For girls' hairstyles suitable for autumn and winter, the most versatile style is medium long hair, and medium long hair with a length between shoulder and chest is also the most common hairstyle. What is the most popular medium and long hair in hair salons this year? Let's get to know each other.

#Autumn and winter medium long hair model 1: layered medium long hair

First of all, the first is to cut your hair all the way from spring and summer to the current level. For example, Xiuzhi and park zhaominying have both cut this hairstyle. Although there is not much curl, just blow out the lines according to the trend, but you can cut the most modified layer length according to the shortcomings of the face shape, which is very small!

Hair stylist finishing skills.

To blow out this fashionable line, the skill of the hairdresser is to blow the upper and lower layers separately, blow an inward bend in the lower layer, roll the upper layer outward with a round comb, and then loosen it by hand, so that the arc of the hair is elastic and neat!

#Mid long hair model 2 in autumn and winter: oxygen bangs + c-bend at the end of hair

The unbeaten c-bend at the end of the hair and this year's red oxygen bangs have a soft and lovely feeling! In addition, the camber on both sides of the bangs also modifies the face shape, which is thin and covers the meat in one second!

This medium and long hair usually does not need special finishing. It can be blown out with a round comb. Oxygen bangs have a sweet feeling!

#Autumn and winter medium long hair model 3: S-shaped bangs + valgus

This is more mature and greasy, and the curly hair tail with valgus seems to follow the trend. In addition, S-shaped long bangs and highly decorated zygomatic lines can weaken the more angular face.

#Autumn and winter medium long hair model 4: layered medium long hair + curl

Continuing the horizontal scissors in the first paragraph, this medium and long hairstyle has more curls at the end and shoulders, which is very easy to tidy up and make the overall atmosphere more fashionable!

#Autumn and winter medium long hair model 5: wave Teddy roll, rain perm

Teddy curls and rain perms, which are absolutely popular every autumn and winter, are actually similar, that is, the hairstyle of small curls. If you blow a little curly hair, it can also have the effect of wool curl! Curly hair not only modifies the face shape, but also has a higher degree of change!

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