The lotus leaf hair style with great fluffy charm and cosmetic effect is sought after by mm. You also like the cleavage. Let's take a look at the latest lotus leaf hair style pictures in 2017 shared by hairdressing Street Xiaobian. These lotus leaf hair styles are enough to show the temperament of intellectual ladies and the ability and dignity of working women. Let's have a look!


Style: natural, intellectual

Suitable face type: melon seed face, round face, square face

Xiaobian comments: this lotus leaf hair style is very suitable for women aged 20 to 28. Although the hair color does not choose reddish brown and lacks a certain sense of visual impact, the chestnut hair color still greatly increases the fashion degree for the whole hair style, making the lotus leaf hair style more natural and intellectual.


Style: elegant and dignified

Suitable face type: round face, melon seed face and square face

Xiaobian comments: This is a charming hairstyle very suitable for light mature women. After the middle bangs are matched with the fluffy and natural curly hair tips, the beauty effect is 100%. Such mm looks more elegant and dignified.


Style: retro, sweet

Suitable face type: melon face, goose egg face

Xiaobian comments: the combination of modern and retro styles makes this hairstyle more distinctive. The highlight of this lotus leaf hair style lies in the natural radian of bangs. The bangs combed on the side give people a strong retro feeling, and the shape with hair tucked behind the ears can show a white and elegant neck curve.


Style: fresh and lazy

Suitable face type: melon seed face, square face and round face

Xiaobian comments: when Xiaobian at hairdressing Street saw this hairstyle, he felt a gentle spring breeze slowly caressing his cheeks. This hairstyle is really fresh and lazy, especially for girls aged 18 to 24. Chocolate hair color with luster makes you more attractive.


Style: casual and casual

Suitable face type: oval face, melon seed face, round face

Xiaobian comments: this lotus leaf head hairstyle just reaches the shoulder, and the hair tail curls up with a natural large arc. After covering the hair, although the overall hairstyle is slightly messy, it injects a lively and youthful temperament into the girl.

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