Teach yourself to curl your hair at home

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For many people, spending hours in a hairdresser can be an ordeal. Sitting for hours on end can make you feel really sleepy and give you back pain. So many girls are very resistant to going to hair salon. Actually we want to change hairstyle not necessarily want to go to hairstyle shop ah, clever and crafty girls themselves can DIY beautiful beautiful hairstyle and hair color at home.

A few days ago, there were a lot of foam hair colorants on Douyin. Foam hair colorants are actually quite easy to use. You can buy them and dye them yourself, or ask your friends or family members to help you dye them. The choice of hair color is also more, hair dye ingredients are relatively safe. So girls who can't be bothered to go to a hair salon can buy their own hair dye. Here are some simple hairstyles you can do at home.

In cent bang inside buckle coil

Feel air bang is buckled inside coil too lovely schoolgirl, can try in cent buckle inside coil. In cent inside buckle coil can look more temperament, a bit more elegant.

Middle part bangs are recommended to stay long, at least beyond the cheekbones. In cent bang also should do to have certain curl degree, the hairstyle ability that buckles inside collocation is met more natural good-looking, like in cent bang the schoolgirl that buckles inside curl, can consult the DIY process below, with hair dryer, curl, curl tube can fix the hairstyle of a beautiful beautiful.

The end of the hair is inverted

Buckle curl inside more lovely more meng, the hair style that sends end to turn over is more nifty and pure and fresh.

The end of the hair can also be done, using a curling iron to take the hair out of the end of the hair, finalize the design for a few seconds.

Loose and half - tied hair

Tight half ties are bad. Loose half ties are good. To make your half-parted hair look natural, be sure to curl the loose hair underneath. See the picture below for a big wave to make your hair look smaller and fresher.

Wood wood to find a girl with bangs half hair tutorial GIF, we can follow a study, very suitable for the spring of a hair style.

Low hair ponytail

Temperament, fair maiden and sen department hair style, can refer to ma Sichun's 37 points low hair ponytail.

37 points of low hair ponytail if you want to tie good-looking, you must spend some idea, refer to the picture below oh, wood to everyone to find 37 points of low hair ponytail tutorial dynamic diagram, we can follow to learn.

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