Straight Bob hairstyle tutorial for girls

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Short hair girl some prefer to keep the most natural straight hair, such as the straight hair Bob hairstyle, seems to be particularly good, you see the girl of the five girls Bob hair is short and straight, at the same time, this Bob hair style also can let oneself become more beautiful and moving, if you don't want to keep long hair, not easy for you to do, Take a look at five straight Bob hairstyles that look the most edgy and attractive.

Face is a very small girl, her choice of girl Bob hair style is this kind of diagonal straight hair, coupled with her hair is chestnut hair color, looks particularly competent, and the workplace outfit match up, can become the most beautiful.

For women with a big face, the Bob is a type of hair with a slightly broken end. The diagonal bangs have a great effect on the face. The straight Bob looks shorter, but it is pure.

Bangs are slightly inclined girls, her choice of girl Bob hair style is the hair at the end of the hair is slightly broken, straight Bob hair style looks to repair the face, but also very clear and pure, even middle-aged mothers, with a beauty. The tutorial also uses a bob wig

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