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The steps of tying the fish's tail

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How to tie a fishtail? The steps of the fishtail braiding method are found for everyone. It's a very good-looking and simple way to comb your hair. Design a good-looking step for the fishtail braid, simple from the middle layer of loose hair to the tail, and finally tied into a ponytail. Is it itchy just what Xiaobian said? The steps of how to tie a fishtail braid teach you to tie the best fishtail braid~

This is a compound hairstyle that integrates braiding and binding. The upper hair is made into a fishtail braid. The hair tail is simply fixed with rubber band, and the hair accessories are matched into a ponytail. It's a very good-looking and stylish hairstyle. Girls with medium and long hair might as well try it.

Comb your hair neatly. If the amount of hair is not enough, you can add wigs to the inner layer of your hair.

Pick out two strands of hair from the top layer of hair 1 and 2

Pick out the hair 3 from the outer layer of 2 and weave it into the middle of 1 and 2.

Pick up a strand of hair 4 from the outer layer of 2 and press it on the upper edge of braid 3.

Pick up a strand of hair at the bottom of hair braiding 3 for hair braiding 5 and press it on hair braiding 4. The hair on the outside of hair braiding 4 picks up a strand of hair braiding 6 and presses it on hair braiding 5. In this order, braid the hair one by one.

Braid until all the hair is added into the fishtail braid. After braiding, fix the hair with a rubber band at the lower level and tie it into a simple ponytail hairstyle.

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