Short hair ponytail hair binding method

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The hot summer has come. Mm with medium and short hair are still hanging their hair, so it's doubly muggy. If you want to spend the cold summer, tie up your medium and short hair. The following steps of medium and short hair ponytail hairstyle tie up will enable you to have a fashionable and sweet ponytail hairstyle in a few minutes. Hurry to learn the cute short hair ponytail hairstyle binding method with the hair Club Xiaobian.


Step 1: first, comb the inclined bangs and short hair by hand. As shown in the figure.

Step 2: close all the hair to the back and bottom of the left ear by hand. As shown in the figure.

Step 3: gently massage your hair with your hands to create a fluffy and natural effect. As shown in the figure.

Step 4: tie the ponytail with a rubber band, and pull the hair tip of the ponytail outward by hand to make the ponytail into a scattered flower shape. As shown in the figure.

Step 5: finally, wrap a cool yellow hair band around the hair binding place of the ponytail, and the cool and lovely side ponytail will be tied.

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