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Refreshing and lively Korean meatball head binding course

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Korean ball head hairstyle, refreshing and lively Korean ball head! Simple, fresh and energetic, but also versatile any dress. Share the latest group of pictures of versatile vitality balls. If you like curling hair, try it quickly

Korean ball head hairstyle binding method, fresh and lively Korean ball head, side tied ball bun decorated with pink bow hoop, looks like a pink lady, with a clever thin face with half round bangs, warm hair color, elegant lady temperament.

The fluffy side bun is playful and lively, and the collocation with neat bangs inside is lovely. Loli has a full breath.

Qi bangs' Korean ball head and Pearl hairpin are very dazzling.

Korean meatball head hairstyle, refreshing and lively Korean meatball head, refreshing and neat meatball head curling, very cute and playful, oblique bangs, clever thin face, with lovely casual clothes, loli is more lovely.

Korean meatball head hairstyle, fresh and lively Korean meatball head hairstyle, with wave point Chiffon sweater, elegant celebrity temperament.

The simple side tie ball bun, combined with red top hat and leopard eye frame, is personalized and fashionable.

The casual ball head, together with sunglasses and casual clothes, is definitely the most stylish in the street.

Gentle temperament, side tie ball bun, wearing pearl hairpin, elegant temperament, coupled with the one-piece chiffon skirt, showing the elegant temperament of celebrities.

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