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Princess Flower Bud head binding tutorial

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The Princess Flower Bud head curling hair style with both elegant and fashionable effects is a practical and versatile foreign style curling hair design. It is extremely suitable for all kinds of occasions, regardless of season, whether dealing with hot summer or cool winter. Today, Amway's is a course on the curling method of Princess bud head. Learn this curling method to create an elegant goddess image in minutes and simply improve your temperament.

The princess style flower bud head curling hair has a higher and higher appearance rate in the bride's hairstyle design. For example, this fluffy high flower bud head curling hair style shown in the figure. After the princess style curling hair is decorated with the Korean crown, it is very matched with the perfect Korean nude makeup. Such a Princess Flower Bud head curling hair is quite beautiful.

Princess bud hair style not only looks fashionable, elegant and good-looking, but the binding method is actually quite simple. Today, Amway's bud head first combs the overall hair naturally, and then takes a small strand of hair from the top of the hair to perm the hair root. In this way, the bangs are fluffy and natural, and simply combs out a high horsetail style.

After tying up the ponytail hair style, the next step is to simply design the overall hair into a fluffy braid. After braiding to a suitable position, fix it with a rubber band. Next, wrap the braided braid around the hair root and fix it with a hairpin after winding to the end of the hair.

Pay attention to the fluffy effect of the whole hair in the process of this princess bud head curling. After fixing the bud head curling, take proper care of the hair. A beautiful princess bud head curling is completed, and the bud head is very beautiful.

The above share is this simple Princess bud head curling tutorial. This easy to take care of and fashionable bud head curling is also a very suitable daily hairstyle for young girls. It's a beautiful feeling to wear a sleeveless slim dress in summer.

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