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Medium long hair, big wavy curl

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What are the hairstyles with medium and long hair and large Wavy Curls? The big Wavy Curls with medium and long hair are very diversified. The shapes of medium and long hair big Wavy Curls designed by different girls' faces have a great sense of difference. If you want to have a fashionable big wavy curl hairstyle, take a look at the following hairstyles. These hairstyles are all about the hairstyle design of medium and long hair big Wavy Curls, Every hairstyle has a girl's charm. Don't miss it!

This large wavy curl with medium long hair has bangs. The design has a sense of stacking up and down. The bangs in the middle look so soft and beautiful. The medium long hair is on the left and right sides of the shoulder, creating a large wavy curl with girls' charm.

This medium and long hair big wave curl without bangs is a significant hairstyle. The upper hair is more natural, and the lower hair is a big wave curl hairstyle. It gives people a very sweet and lovely, gentle and sweet medium and long curl design.

This medium long hair big wave curly bangs shape design has a three-dimensional effect. Qi Qi's thick bangs look more beautiful for girls. One big wave curl after another is more soft and adds a bit of fashion sense to the curly hair shape.

This medium and long hair large wave curling bangs design is a medium and partial hairstyle. The medium and long bangs look so soft. The hair on both sides sets off the face, which is very thin and charming, and maintains the fashion sense of the hairstyle.

Finally, this medium long hair big wave curly bangs hairstyle design is shoulder length hairstyle. The big wave curly below looks more soft and beautiful. The face is so beautiful and lovely, highlighting the graceful and quiet feeling of girls.

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