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Lotus leaf curly hair in autumn 2021

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Lotus leaf curly hair style is loved by many girls, but what kind of lotus leaf is good-looking? Look at this season's lotus leaf curly hair in the autumn of 2021!

The lotus leaf head is an upgraded version of pear flower head and Bobo head. The lotus leaf head hairstyle is like a lotus leaf. It is sharp at the top and wide at the bottom. It is very close to the cheek hairstyle, which perfectly modifies the face hairstyle. Take a look at the hairstyle Club Xiaobian's collection of lotus leaf head curly hair in the autumn of 2021, making you the most fashionable girl!

This sweet lotus leaf head hairstyle in the autumn of 2021 shows the princess style. The shape design of Qi bangs makes the head sharp. The hair on the ear is curled and ironed to create a fluffy feeling. The simple lotus leaf head shape is highlighted.

This 2021 full-bodied lotus leaf hairstyle, with short hair lines, creates a wavy shape, lining the hairstyle with fashion and texture. The bangs with oblique lines well decorate the girl's face and make the girl's face petite and beautiful. All dressed up, it shows the romantic temperament of autumn.

The upper layer is simple and the lower layer is fluffy. The lotus leaf head has the characteristics of setting off the elegant temperament. The lotus leaf head without bangs and oblique hair create a natural shadow effect. This lotus leaf head curl in the autumn of 2021 shows a charming temperament.

The lotus leaf head hairstyle with broken hair and bangs, the light bangs with beautiful and round outline, and the fluffy design of the buckle inside the hair tail make the cosmetic effect of this lotus leaf head very obvious.

This sweet lotus leaf head shape and micro curly bangs modify smart big eyes. It is lovely and charming. The brown hair color is the softness and luster of the hair style. The fluffy curly hair shape also plays a role in modifying the face shape.

The messy and fluffy hair looks soft, bright and shiny in the autumn sun. The shape of Qi bangs is matched with the fluffy and curly hair of texture. In autumn, the soft and charming posture of little girls is presented incisively and vividly.

This sweet and fresh lotus leaf head, ear length curly hair, cute and charming, combined with slightly curved Qi bangs, sets off the girls' big eyes, full of charm.

The sweetest and lovely lotus leaf hairstyle in 2021 is slightly fluffy, playful small curls, fresh and moving, sparse bangs, beauty and age reduction. The sweet smile sets off the lady's atmosphere. One of the most lovely lotus leaf curls in autumn 2021!

In autumn, a classic lotus leaf head shape is left. The thick oblique bangs have the effect of repairing the face. The short hair with ears is simple, beautiful and easy to take care of.

Personalized short hair and Qi bangs create a beautiful lotus leaf head shape. The dark brown hair color has a strong fashion flavor, which sets off the white and moving skin color. The fluffy hair curls slightly, which well modifies the face shape. This autumn hairstyle is full of fashion.

Are you excited about the above 10 lotus leaf curly hair styles in the autumn of 2021?

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