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Short hair is very popular now. Many people want to try, but they are afraid to regret after shortening. At this point, you may want to try a short wig. You can see if you fit short hair, or you can keep other shapes. Bob wig is the most popular style among short wigs recently.


Bob wig is a kind of relatively thick short hair, which is centered on the occipital part of the head. It was very popular in the 1990s. The most amazing thing about bob wig is that no matter what type of face it is, it has a way to suit it. There is always a way to meet the personalized needs of different people. Very popular style, easy to care, very natural after taking.

Women usually think bob hairstyle can better show their independent, optimistic and strong personality, so many stars also choose to keep this hairstyle. Hair has many colors, but natural black is still the most natural and generous one.

Although black short hair is not as dazzling as the color of dyed hair, it does not lose its texture and charm. Black short hair can create different temperament and make people look more charming. Bob wig is also more cute.

Front lace bob wig: the lace front wig is handmade from real human hair at the lace base. In the past, lace wigs only had lace where the hairline was visible, and the other materials were not easy to be damaged and of good quality.

Human development includes Brazil, Malaysia, Peru and India. Human hair wigs are made of healthy human hair. Like our own hair, it is healthy, natural and comfortable to wear. Human hair wigs can be used for a long time. Because of the material, real human hair wigs are not easy to curl, and the appearance and color can remain unchanged and relatively stable for a long time. Human hair bob wigs can also be ironed and dyed like real hair. Therefore, it can be said to be a fashionable full match! In addition, human bob wigs are realistic and natural. Generally speaking, after wearing it, it is no different from real hair. It's like your own hair!

If you want to try short hair, you can try this fashionable and convenient bob wig, which will make your hair more diverse and your life more colorful.

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