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Lady medium long hair pear flower head hairstyle tutorial

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Girls always follow the fashion trend when they like hairstyles. I believe that medium and long hair pear flower head is definitely the hairstyle that many girls will like. After all, pear flower head has been very popular in recent years, so usually beautiful women wearing hair also want to change their shapes, so it is also a good choice to tie up a good lady pear flower head, Let's take a look at the specific steps!

First of all, the first step for a lady with long pear blossom hair is to comb her hair clearly. You can comb it with a comb or grab it with your hand, as shown in the figure. If you want to cut a nice bangs, come and cut a bangs like this.

Then roll up all the parts behind the hair by hand. Pay attention to the position of the roll in the middle. The bangs should be separated and not all rolled in. The hair tail of medium and long hair pear flower head is also very important.

Separate the curled hair and cross it. After the long part of the bangs is curled with a clip, fix it in the first hair. The back of such a lady's long hair pear flower head is almost taken care of.

According to the way shown in the figure, after the long banged hair on the left is rolled in, the hair on the right needs to be fixed with clips.

After the back part is fixed, make the bangs a little fluffy and carry out styling treatment, then the very lady's hairstyle will be done.

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