Japanese lovely students braiding hair course

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Students young and energetic, no matter choose what kind of hair style is very good-looking, if we can carefully to design a beautiful Japanese lovely spread the hair style, can let you become more lovely and more perfect, these students spread the tutorial is not difficult to learn, let's learn together these pretty Japanese lovely spread the hairstyle of lawmakers, After reading, we can also make up a lovely student braided hair style.

This is a beautiful girl with straight hair. How does she braid her hair? Now let's braid our hair according to the method above the student braid hair tutorial, grab the hair on the top side of the head, and tie it into a nice little side hair.

We want to weave this cute Japanese braiding hair style is a certain difficulty, after watching this student braiding hair tutorial, we have to prepare a hair tray for ourselves, just tie the hair above a small strand of hair to catch.

Press the method that the student braids hair tutorial again next, the head is set into dish hair implement inside, pass through the hair just now again next, formed a circular hair so, the hair of another side also presses this method to dish hair again next.

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