Japanese department side lovely braided hair tutorial

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Now a lot of girls like to choose a few braid hair, the hair plait into a side type braid hair style, it looks very beautiful, now we will appreciate these Japanese side braid hair style together, so beautiful side lovely braid hair style is difficult to plait? In fact, these side braiding hair style is also very simple and beautiful, now let's learn a side braiding hair tutorial, after reading we can make one.

Before we are learning side plait hair tutorial, will appreciate this a kind of day fastens side plait hair style first, after the hair of this one schoolgirl had been plaited, it is good-looking neat bang in front, plait the hair of side side simply again, appear extremely melting and lovely.

If you look at this girl with cute side braiding, she looks very beautiful and perfect from one side, but it looks very good from this side braiding, so this Japanese side braiding is so popular.

After seeing this side of the lovely braid effect diagram, we can learn this side of the braid tutorial, first the top of the head of the hair simply grabbed, and then from the top of the head of the hair into a small braid.

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