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How to tie the side split lotus leaf hair

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The name of the hairstyle is mostly based on the effect of the overall shape. For example, the lotus leaf head hairstyle is characterized by being narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, which is one of the fluffy hairstyle designs above and below. In the current popular hairstyles, many girls like the shape of the lotus leaf head. Whether students or office workers, or some stars, people like the lotus leaf hair style. After all, the lotus leaf hair style can deduce many good-looking styles. Today, we want to recommend several good-looking side lotus leaf short hair styles.

The partial lotus leaf head short hair style shows a sense of light maturity. The neat neck short hair without bangs has a fluffy shape inside the tail. The short hair with bright forehead, with a round face with beautiful lines, and a beautiful natural nude makeup can instantly create an elegant female image.

The 28 point oblique bangs short hair style, shoulder length lotus leaf head short hair, the shape is neat, refreshing and somewhat lovely. The everted curly hair tail is playful and dynamic, which sets off the face shape more fresh and on the camera. This side lotus leaf head short hair can be said to be very beautiful and beautiful.

Large partial short hair, lotus leaf hair, dark chestnut hair color, white and foreign style, fluffy texture, good-looking neck length short hair and curly hair, combined with the Royal sister's full red lip makeup, it is more eye-catching, mature and domineering style, creating a different style and charm.

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