How to tie the bob short hair?

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Short hair girl always give a person a kind of pure temperament, the five girl's hair is short, they choose are good-looking Bob hair style, the girls Bob hairstyle, it appears is special pure, such short hair Bob hairstyle is not long, can foil the girls so pure beauty, Here we take a look at five great Bob styles.

The front is thin and thin bangs, such girl Bob hair dyed chestnut hair color, and then simply perm the hair, the whole short Bob hair can become more light and generous, usually travel is also very convenient.

The straight Bob is a short hair style with thin, straight bangs in front. It simply needs to be rolled over and dyed into a maroon hair color.

Micro-curly girl bobo hair style, side split bangs, such girl bobo hair style is small roll style, such short hair bobo hair style, it looks particularly beautiful, and it will be more lovely when decorated with beautiful hair band style hairband.

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