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How to tie a lotus leaf hairstyle

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Don't want to keep long hair, girls can consider to choose some nice lotus leaf hair, the hair looks is very good-looking girls lotus leaf, at the same time, the lotus leaf hair is short, so do rise also is very good, now we are together to enjoy their hair, although short, but the look is very nice girls beautiful lotus leaf hair, These girls with lotus hair look nice and magnificent.

Although this girl's face looks a little big, she chose a lotus leaf hairstyle with good face trimming effect. It's a good-looking lotus leaf hairstyle of Qi bangs. Her hair is fluffy and the effect of face trimming is good. It's very matched with girls with big faces.

This is a very nice girl's lotus leaf hairstyle. Her hair is also light and thin with Qi bangs. This lotus leaf hairstyle is also a little curly. Her hair is still black and has not been dyed. Girls who do not dye their hair look more pure and beautiful.

Girls with big eyes can also choose this kind of good-looking lotus leaf hairstyle in the middle score. Their hair is slightly curled. Such girls' lotus leaf hairstyle has excellent face trimming effect. It looks beautiful and natural. Many working girls like it.

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