How to get your dream beach curls

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It's nice to dream of those waves where I just left the beach with salt in my hair, but that's not your reality right now. During the day, beach waves come in handy. I don't know... 12 times you haven't washed your hair (by this point you've lost count) and need a quick fix. Some of the best beach waves don't look like you've tried at all, although some do need a little maintenance. But fear not, we'll show you how to make them work.

Unkempt, scattered, messy waves, all shapes and forms, beauty in them; They're the perfect combination of lightness and cool, which is why you see them everywhere. From red carpet to real life, beach waves are always appropriate. Soft, textured waves work regardless of length, texture, or bangs. And the best part: You can wear waves for days on end, and once you put them on, they look even prettier. It's a style that lasts -- so if you're feeling lazy (and we all are now), waves are your friend. Here, celebrity stylists share their tips on how to get the sexy beach waves you want, as well as some beautiful ways to get you started wearing waves.

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