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Five latest mid length pear flower heads in autumn

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Pear flower head hairstyle has always been a favorite hairstyle for girls. The following five latest mid length and inner buckle pear flower heads in autumn make it easy for you to become a person with temperament! Come and have a look.

Today, the pear flower head has set off an upsurge again. Xiaobian will send you five new mid length inner buckle pear flower heads in autumn, so that you can see the sweetest and charming hairstyle. Mm you like can't miss it!

The very refreshing and sweet girl's medium long pear flower head hairstyle, the broken bangs and the internal buckle hair tail radian, the most classic perfect combination in the autumn of the science and Technology Commission, the shoulder length medium long hair is full of vitality and youth, and the overall modeling design gives people a very significant aesthetic effect.

A small fresh pear flower head hairstyle. The 37 point bangs design is simple and casual. Combined with the middle and long pear flower perm tail, it gives people a refreshing and natural feeling. It is very suitable for a girl's hairstyle in autumn!

The trim thin Qi bangs highlight the girls' big and watery eyes. The medium and long pear flower head of the shawl also brings out a little charming little woman feeling. The arc aesthetic hair tail of the buckle makes the whole shape plump and full. The garland headdress is the best presentation of sweetness and vitality in autumn.

A very youthful autumn medium long pear flower head hairstyle, classic medium split bangs design, combined with the playful medium long hair inside, perfectly shows a sweet and lovely little girl. The perm on the side of the ear gives back the feeling of a little woman!

Under the sunshine, this medium long pear flower head looks very charming and eye-catching! The thin Qi bangs are both sweet and fresh. The buttoned hair tail brings out the most lively side of the whole shape. I believe such a girl's hairstyle is undoubtedly a popular one in autumn!

The above are the five latest mid length pear flower heads in autumn, with super gas texture!

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