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Female star bangs hairstyle

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Summer keeps sweating. Bangs stick to your forehead. There must be no type. It's still very uncomfortable, but what if you can't do without bangs? Let's get a sweat bangs. Girls' bangs are specially born for summer. They are natural, novel and beautiful. Popular female stars are already combing them. If you don't want to be content with others, get them immediately.

It's so hot in summer that I always sweat. Bangs always stick to my forehead, which is quite uncomfortable. Therefore, the intelligent and beautiful Jingtian got a sweating bangs. The so-called sweating bangs is to gather the broken hair in front on the side, which looks like sweat wet and stick to the side. It can not only repair my face, but also not greasy.

In summer, female stars are very interested in the new fashion of sweat wet bangs. Pure actress Li Randy is one of them. Her shoulder length hair is half tied in the back. After the broken hair on the side of her forehead is curled, it is scattered on the side of her face, wisps by wisps, like being wet by sweat.

Liu Shishi's sweating bangs are more intuitive. The bangs are cluttered in front of his forehead, which is exactly the same as the shape wet with sweat. However, it doesn't give people a very uncomfortable feeling, but it looks very pure and young. Liu Shishi's sweating bangs are very fashionable in summer. It's too natural visually.

Girls comb sweat bangs in summer fashion. It's best not to make too many bangs, otherwise they will appear very messy. Look at Ma Sichun's sweat bangs, which are half tied hair style, and the broken short bangs are scattered around the hairline. It's more natural.

Yang Mi, the goddess, is a pop talent. Her hairstyle has never lagged behind. Sweating bangs just went online and got it immediately. A long black curly hair with thin oblique bangs creates a light familiar feminine taste. The oblique bangs are close to her forehead, just like being wet with sweat.

Zhou Dongyu, who has a special preference for short hair, weaves the partially combed bangs into thin braids in summer, and the broken hair is close to the braids, which successfully changes the size of the forehead, so that the forehead does not appear big when exposed directly. This Zhou Dongyu sweat bangs hair style is very suitable for young and charming short haired girls to try.

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