Fall chic and versatile new hair color

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Recently, watching the little sisters around me dyed a variety of different hair colors is really the envy of fried chicken, but my hair quality is relatively fragile. It often takes a long time to recover after scalding and dyeing, so I started a wig.


This wig is "beautiful" at first sight, because it's really beautiful ~ it's even better than the seller's picture. It is a high-temperature matte silk. It can hold both near and far ~ it is not reflective and shiny. It looks like real hair.

Fashionable and versatile, good quality

I chose chocolate color. Chocolate color is more versatile, fashionable and low-key. It is a color that a student party can plant grass without being scolded by teachers. The lower end of this wig is an imitation pear flower head, slightly buckled, which adds a bit of sweetness to the whole hair style.


Wearing this wig on your head shows your temperament. The quality of hair is very good ~ there are enough hair, which will make your face smaller. I wear it all day long, because it's an imported rose inner net, which is very breathable! Love it!

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