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Fall and winter versatile girls' curly hair

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Hi, I'm not bothered. Since autumn, I've always wanted to toss my hair! I wonder if you have this feeling? In the season of wearing coats and sweaters like autumn and winter, curly hair is more suitable than straight hair. I always feel that there is a sense of seeing Miss Korea! ha-ha!

Since I became infatuated with curly hair, I have collected several super curly hair styles in autumn and winter that show small face, head shape and temperament. Each one is a must-have for a gentle little sister!

Figure 2

Lazy wavy roll + tea brown + eight character bangs

The length is just to the chest. It is super suitable for Jimei with a large face. The curvature on both sides is very good to decorate the cheeks, showing the small face and the hair volume!

Figure 3

Omelet + eight character bangs

The radian of egg curl hair is very important. Too small radian turns into a Korean aunt every minute. It's difficult to hold without a good appearance. This one uses a medium curl radian, with eight character bangs, super age reduction!

Figure 4

Wave curling air cushion ironing + partial eight character bangs

I like the curly hair with super temperament. The end of the hair is S-type + C-type. The partial bangs are S-type, which is good to decorate the facial lines. I think it is very suitable for a square face and can weaken the facial lines.

Figure 5

French perm

It is natural and advanced, there are some messy feelings in laziness, and a touch of exquisite feeling in the mess. Natural fluffy curls can improve the collapse of the head, and the optional bangs can decorate the face very well, but salt can be sweet.

Figure 6

Wool roll

This is only recommended for girls with small hair volume and soft hair. Super hair volume is simply the gospel of girls with less hair. If you like the lovely and sweet route, this super recommendation is very easy to take care of and basically do not need to blow their hair. However, girls with large hair volume and thick and hard hair are still far away and become "startling clouds" every minute!

Figure 7

Fish tail hot

The tail is like a fishtail. It is more suitable for the length of hair to the shoulder. I think it has a taste. With eight character bangs, it is a good helper with a small face! Absolutely, and super Korean little sister!


Yunduo hot + partial S-shaped bangs

Curl and bangs give people a soft feeling of softness, tenderness is right!

Figure 9

Retro volume

Foreign style and sweet curly hair is also very easy to take care of!

Fine hair, soft hair, small hair volume, sister paper can enter, suitable for big round face and meat face, but be cautious with big head!

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