Do your own hairstyle at home! It's nice and saves money

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There are many girls do not want to waste money to go to the barber shop to perm or dye their hair, or it is difficult to manage will also lead to lazy care, and most middle school girls are not allowed to dye their hair. But what girl doesn't want to be pretty?

If you have a beautiful hairstyle that suits you and doesn't have to spend money, it's a great choice. All of these can be achieved by tying your hair. However, many braids and curls can be a bit difficult to pull together and can be tried if you have patience and skill. Here are some simple, everyday hairstyles and their braiding tips.

Recommendation 1: meatball head

When it comes to simple daily and good-looking hair style, of course, our ball head is indispensable, and its binding method is also very simple and there are many kinds. The easiest way to do a bun is to put a high ponytail and twist the hair into a bun.

But no matter what kind of bun, the most important thing is to show the fluffy, let you have a messy beauty. Therefore, it is best to tie the hair with bare hands. It is not appropriate if the hair is too oily. If the amount of hair less girls can be directly curled and then tied. This style can be worn in school uniforms, private daily wear or formal evening wear.

Recommendation 2: double ponytail

When it comes to the loveliness of Japanese girls, what comes to mind is double ponytails. A ponytail isa great way to reduce your age, whether it's a low ponytail or a high ponytail. Of course, you can also choose to braid your hair appropriately, like Lisa's hair below, which has a Japanese girl-like feel.

Short hair can also be tied up in a ponytail. Although it is two small twists, it looks more quirky and clever. Wearing a campus-type shirt or skirt in summer can make you look a lot younger, which is a great way to reduce your age.

Recommend 3: short hair braid hair

Last year's TV series "dear, love" which Yang Zi played tong nian we should forget it, she is in the play is clean short hair, but she tied two small braids in the hair on both sides, can be said to be simple but not monotonous.

In real life, we simply look at short hair for a long time also want to make some changes, this tong years with the same hairstyle can be arranged! This is suitable for short hair girls, even in the summer can also look more clean and cool, and there are no many requirements for clothes collocation, can be said to be versatile.

Recommendation 4: Simple scorpion braids

There are many people like to wear scorpion braids, but for "lazy people" is nothing more than a huge challenge, but can be replaced with simple and similar hairstyle. This hairstyle is to tie a ponytail first, high or low, and then use a small rubber band to tie the ponytail into several "small lanterns".

High tie can be matched with a more personality or temperament to wear and so on, low tie can be matched with more comfortable clothes and so on, high tie can be very good to modify the contour of the face, and the face of the larger girls can try to fluffy low tie, also can reduce a character bangs for appropriate occlusion. This hairstyle is playful and refreshing, and is perfect for summer wear. Summer is just around the corner, so give it a try.

There are also some more versatile hairstyles, such as high ponytail, lamb braids and shoulder-length hair, to try a few styles to find your own.

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