Do you want a nice long bob

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We know you're still thinking about the short hair you've been thinking about for months. Perfect middle ground: Tall, also known as the long Bob. Tall cuts work with all hairstyles and face shapes in a way (they're basically jeans from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but when it comes to hair). The proof: In the gallery below, each celebrity's face shape, hair length and texture vary widely, but each of their short -- well, droopy-hair -- looks very nice.

Whether you're looking to add layers or try out a spring hair color, the versatility and relaxed structure are perfect for the coming months. Bonus: Your hair doesn't go through that awkward growing phase. Embrace imperfect textures by all means and let your personality shine through your style. Also, if it reaches that point, there's nothing a little texture spray can't do.

Which means you really, really can't risk cutting off some of your hair this season. Your Instagram collection is gathering dust, and so is your stylist's chair. Need to be more convincing? Let the pictures speak for themselves.

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