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Braided hair, a fashion that is damp and earthy

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Braided hair is a kind of hair style. It is divided into three bundles of braids that cross and tie up like hemp pattern. It is divided into Chinese, Korean, French and other types. Braided hair is a common and not easy to go out of date hair style, which will give people a sense of innocence.

Braided hair is a common, not easily outdated hairstyle, which will give people a sense of innocence. Star portraits often use the shape of braided braids, which are the only magic weapon to dress up as pure.

The double braided hair style is higher and matched with eight character bangs. It looks full of personality. It's also good for cool Street girls to choose a braided hair style.

The double braided hair style shows the sweet and gentle temperament of girls. I think Qi bangs are too dull and dull. They can be separated from the middle to both sides and become middle bangs, fresh and beautiful.

Girls with exquisite facial features are especially suitable for knitting all their hair, showing the perfect face shape and facial features, wearing earrings and super amazing.

If you want to have a distinctive double braided hair style, you can leave a few strands of hair in front of your forehead, float with the wind, fashion personality, and modify your face.

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