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Beautiful pear flower head binding tutorial

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For girls who like pear flower heads, this summer must be very difficult, especially for students at school. It must be very hot and dry to comb a pear flower head on the day when there is no air conditioner and fan, but it doesn't matter. Today, Xiaobian will show you how to tie the pear flower head!

How to tie the pear flower head? The first step is to partition the hair and divide the hair into upper and lower parts. If it's like this, it's OK!

How to tie the pear flower head? Then the second part is to dig a larger hole in the middle of the upper hair, and then loosen the rubber band, and then put the hair through the middle.

How to tie the pear flower head? The third part of the hair has been worn, but the two sides of the hair are still messy, so you should use your fingers to smooth the hair and let it fluffy

How to tie the pear flower head is good-looking. Pass the loose hair through the middle at one time, which is the same as the first treatment. This requires that you must give it when you tie the rubber band at the first time

The last step is to put on your favorite hair accessories. If you feel hot recently, you can not use hair accessories and see what you like

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