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2021 popular hairstyle female short hair age reduction

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Girls' short hair style is easier to manage than long hair and easier to control than short hair. It is definitely the most perfect length and perfect hairstyle pursued by fashion experts. In 2021, the most popular short hair trend for girls, the following five styles are recommended, and all the popular styles are here!

The first one is super warm bud short hair! Although it looks like a student's head, this hairstyle is at the end of the "inner bag", because it is more rigid and feminine than a student's head! The hair tail slightly attached to the neck makes people look more feminine. The short hair length just located at the mandibular angle can produce a shadow on the edge of the face and modify the wider face shape. It is very friendly to girls with square faces!

Waist retraction has been popular in Korea since the end of 2019 ~ not only because it looks refreshing and lively, but also because it won't lose femininity, but also makes people look more energetic! And just shoulder length, curled hair tail can change the problem of excessive weight loss on both sides of the cheek. It is very suitable for girls with high cheekbones or sunken cheeks! If you want to look more ethereal, you can't go wrong with the air and the clear sea!

This hairstyle looks a bit like the first bud short hair, but the difference is that her hair tail is very vertical and almost has no inclination. The key point is that the placement of the hair tail is also very key ~ it looks easy to have no spiritual essence if it is too long, and it looks like a student sister without momentum if it is too short. Below the ears, three fair points can reach the length between shoulder positions, which will be the most beautiful part of this hairstyle! The style of this hairstyle is very good. Coupled with the refreshing and personalized oxygen and sea, making up can change the temperament, and you are not afraid to cut it.

C-type curly short hair is a very popular hairstyle in South Korea recently ~ because there is slight bending and fluffy from the root to the tail, and the overall head shape looks stronger. This hairstyle has a soft feeling as soon as you wake up, which makes people feel uncomfortable when they want to touch their head. It is absolutely the most suitable for meeting elders and cutting men's hair style! Han Niu likes to shoot air or eight character bangs. It looks a little sweet but not naive~

The last meaning is omelet with short hair! Although the egg roll head with long hair is not so brilliant, it has a little more sexy and charming that Han Niu likes very much. In addition, it can be decorated by expanding the curl from the ear to the end of the hair. Most of them are not very picky. If you want perfect wind, you can choose 73 points or bangs in the middle; Want to reduce age, with air, Qinghai is right!

In fact, this kind of non curly medium and short hair is also very simple, and can be easily used by the hands of the disabled. Just blow out a smooth arc with a round comb. It is suggested that you can choose a larger round comb, and the arc will be more natural!

Short hair without curls can be directly exposed to the forehead, or with bangs. If the temperament is beautiful, choose partial points. If you want to reduce age, you must match bangs. If there are bangs, it is recommended to match with light bangs. The curly hair of online celebrity air bangs is a good choice.

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