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2021 latest age reduced short hair pear flower hairstyle female

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Short hair perm is also a very popular hairstyle for girls this year. This is a very temperament and age reducing perm style. Shoulder length hair fits well. If the forehead is matched with air bangs, it will be very energetic.

1. Side hair with medium short hair.

Simple oblique bangs can make the face more delicate and stylish. This kind of air ironed oblique bangs is very popular. The hair hanging from both sides only burns a beautiful spiral arc at the end of the hair. The matching of hair bands adds elegance to ladies and gentlemen.

2. Side hair with medium short hair.

Women with large hair volume are very full when doing perm, and the effect of repairing their face will be more obvious. A shiny and beautiful short hair, a thick oblique bangs, a full and round perm on a small face is very obvious, and a shoulder jacket is sexy and charming.

3. Qi bangs short hair and pear flower head hairstyle.

Many pear flower heads with hairstyles only burn the tail into a simple arc. This neat hair top forms a sharp contrast with the full and fluffy hair tail, which better shows the little girl's agility and vulgarity. A pair of big watery eyes add charming temperament under flat bangs.

4. Pear flower head short hair.

Hairstyle without bangs is very suitable for girls with little hair. This yellow rendered short hair burns beautiful decorative patterns at the end of the hair, and the hair hanging down to the neck feels like a good pile. It is very suitable for light mature women's pear flower head short hair.

5. Pear flower head short hair.

The middle section straight hair pear flower head hairstyle also has its own characteristics. The tail of this hair is trimmed into a simple sense of hierarchy, and the slightly larger face is well decorated. Simple short hair, pear flower head hairstyle is fresh and capable, and the black shoulder jacket is bright and charming.

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