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2021 collection of fashionable hairstyles

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The popular hairstyles in 2021 include medium long hair, short hair, curly hair and DIY hair. This paper introduces several popular hairstyles in detail.

2021 is coming. What hairstyles are popular in 2021? I don't know. Let's take a look. Here's a collection of popular hairstyles in 2021.

Medium and long hair with moderate length has always been loved by people, and it is easy to take care of, either straight or curly. It has different styles. Straight hair is more pure, curly hair is more personalized and sweet, and there are different feelings with different bangs. It is one of the popular hairstyles in 2021.


Air bangs are the latest popular bangs. Medium and long hair and micro curly hair look very good together. They are gentle and sweet. The color of Zongzi on the beam is more charming.

Pear flower head is also a popular medium and long hair style in 2021. It has broken bangs and fluffy pear flowers on both sides. The whole hair style shows a strong sense of air, and the beauty is lively and playful.

The casual medium and long hair has a great temperament. This hairstyle is casual and atmospheric. It has a great aura. Because of this, it is also loved by many urban women. How can it be beautiful without a deliberate sense of curl? How can this be missing from the popular hairstyle in 2021?

Simple and easy to take care of short hair is also the favorite of the popular hairstyle in 2021. Short hair, Bobble or short perm have unparalleled charm.

This is a common wave head and one of the popular hairstyles in 2021. Short hair just reaches the lower jaw. Bangs can be divided obliquely or in the middle. They are quiet and cute, or they can be hung behind the ears to show the taste of sexy little women. If you are interested, you can also dye your favorite hair color, which is fashionable and good-looking.

Personalized short hair has always been quite different, but not everyone can control it. In 2021, personalized short hair is still a popular hairstyle, and there are not many regulations on personalized short hair. It can be irregular short hair, short hair dyed with bright hair color, or the irregular mushroom head style in the picture. Looking at the past, people have a bright feeling.

Short perm is a hair style that has sprung up in recent years. Many Korean drama heroines also choose this series of short perm. The hair can be shoulder length, ear length short hair or wave head, and then curl the short hair or hair under the ears, which looks playful, cute or Korean.

DIY hairstyle has always been very popular, and it is also a popular hairstyle in 2021. Why do you say so? Now more and more girls pay attention to their appearance. In addition to their clothes, they also spend a lot of time on their hair. Sometimes they stay with a hairstyle for a long time, which is easy to get tired. If they don't want to cut it at this time, they can DIY themselves. Here are some popular DIY hairstyles in 2021.

The ball head can have bangs or no bangs. This depends on the individual situation. Why do so many people like the ball head? Because it has a good effect of reducing age, tying up the hair shows more youthful vitality, and tying the ball head is also very simple, which also makes the ball head the preferred hairstyle for many women DIY, so how can the popular hairstyle in 2021 be less of it?

Hair binding is also very common. If you want to be different, you can try different hair binding, such as bangs, side horsetail and half hair binding. DIY like this can be as long as it has characteristics and looks good. It is sweet and lovely. It is also a popular hairstyle in 2021!

Hair editing is more practical. Many girls like it. This is certainly the most popular hairstyle in 2021. Hair editing can be made into various styles and methods, such as braided braids and scorpion braids, or simple or complex. You can make some or all of them. Different editing methods have different effects. At this time, you can give full play to your infinite imagination, Get a distinctive hair style you like. Braided hair is more popular with girls. Banged hair and side hair are very good and look very beautiful! Like this hair braid, it looks very beautiful, simple and good!

Because of its romantic charm, curly hair is also loved by many girls. Whether it is small curly hair or large Wavy Curls, it has extremely charming charm, good-looking and versatile. Here are some popular curls in 2021.

Spiral curly hair is characterized by spiral curly hair at the end of the hair. It looks very beautiful. With the middle score, it has a unique charm.

Among the popular hairstyles in 2021, the egg roll hairstyle with Barbie feeling is very popular. Although the hair ends are curly, they are not disordered. The curl range is relatively large. It is sweet and looks good with air bangs.

Girls with soft or little hair can try this kind of curly hair. The curly feeling is moderate and very good-looking. Many girls like this kind of curly hair. Curly hair is casual but very temperament.

There are many popular hairstyles in 2021. Which one do you prefer? Pick one for yourself.

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