Celebrity stylists said that there were 19 hairstyle trends in 2021

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To be honest, 2020 is not a good year for hair. The salon is closed. The red carpet event was cancelled. Keeping your hair tight is the last thing you want to do. But the pandemic continues. wait. Most of us slowly realize that good hair can sometimes bring a good mood. There is a reason for good hair. After all, that's why you might click on this link at first. Welcome: we are happy to share with you that the hair forecast in 2021 is sunny and the day with many good hair is coming.

We asked all our favorite celebrity hairstylists, but they brought COVID-19 safety waves, blow UPS, haircut and pruning love to customers. What do they think the new year will be like? Beautiful hairstyles can grow effortlessly with little polish in the middle. Waves that do not belong to any particular category. The color of hair is much more natural. Of course, as usual, there are some wonderful ideas in the twilight of international turmoil. Retro style, with an ancient look. A domineering scene. And hair color to make a statement (care or don't care, you can choose). Finally, this is the fun of hair: choice, agency, beauty and freedom. Then there are the 19 most popular hairstyles in 2021.


'60s Styles


The '60s is an era of revolution and innovation, as is 2021. This time, you can expect hair gel to make your hair more concise, geometric and interesting. (peep at the black ribbon in the appearance behind the first few layers.)


Blunt Ends


Maybe it's because no one will have a haircut in 2020, but hairdressers like kahspence find accurate hairstyles very attractive, and we fully agree.


Crimped Waves


You can call it this way. Waves are indeed generated by curlers, but they don't seem to be generated by curlers. They will be very popular now and in the future.


Purposeful Roots


This pandemic has taught us one thing: roots are beautiful, even desirable, and should not be hidden. Here, hairstylist Clayton Hawkins deeply separates and sides Kiernan shipka's hair to better show those cool hair roots.


Long Layers


If you don't get your hair cut for most of a calendar year, you're likely to sit on long hair. Once you go to the hairdresser, you can organize it into shape, structure and rich growth potential.


Natural Curls


Today. Tomorrow. Always. Natural curls that have been quenched with oil and diffused into springiness are having a moment for eternity.


Instagram Waves


I used to call these deep scenes the Hollywood wave, but I'm reshaping the brand. The rolling, glittering and purposeful waves can't go anywhere. I'm one of them.


Natural Hair Color


The way mother nature wants... Is probably a very good idea. Here, from a hypothetical summer, bleached tree tops in the sun melt seamlessly into cool Brown roots.


Long Bangs


Do you need to change? I need to change! Everyone needs to change! Long, light bangs - bangs that can rub on your eyelashes and make you instantly feel 10% cool and smooth - are a good choice.


Unfussy Updos


The higher the hair, the closer it is to God. At the same time, the less critical and worrying it looks, the better.


Two-Step Cuts


Although it looks like a million dollar hairstyle, it is actually a hairstyle with two very simple bones: one layer of hair is cut a few inches below the chin and the other layer is cut above the chest. The curved end gives it the athletic vitality we all desire.


Lighting Highlights


No matter where you or your colorist is, you can quickly change the color as long as you feel appropriate. This is a popular fun injected into the hair color of single notes.


Sliced Strands


Remember what we said about blunt heads? Yes, like Juliana Hoff and her long-time stylist Riana Capri, design it straight, let the angels sing and take it further.


Grown-Up Bedhead


Maria Kelly will never... Leave home with no expression on her face, no expression on her face. Here, irregular curves and bends give people an effortless feeling, and are still the highest point.


High Ponies


I don't know who needs to listen to this, but... You don't need Ariana Grande to shake your ponytail. Collect at the highest point of your head, iron the length and prepare to serve.


Face-Framing Layers


The 2021 edition of Jennifer Aniston's famous face hugging work? This is the modern hairstyle of hairdresser mark Townsend. Instead of oblique cutting, Townsend made long-distance and undulating cutting at both ends to obtain sufficient movement without stiffness.


Braids 2.0


Is it a) braid, b) updo, c) cornrow, or D) a masterpiece that violates the definition? If you answered D, Congratulations, you understand. Don't put this or any hairstyle in the box.


Voluminous Roots


Just add a little charm to the root, which can make any cutting, color or style feel like a smoother skosh.

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