How to Use Types Of Hair Clips in Hair Extension

types of hair clips extension

Hair extension clips are becoming a popular type of fashion accessory. These clips, which typically have artificial or human hair attached to them. It has become increasingly popular among people who want to make an instant impression of having thicker and longer hair. With a simple hair extension clip, the only thing you need to attach it on your head with hands. Let’s see what types of hair clips are trending.

How to Use Hair Clips Hair Extension?

It’s common to see people with long hair adorning themselves with hair extensions. These are the types of clips that can be worn to add volume, length, and volume to hair that has been thinned or damaged by harsh styling products. They work as they supposed – by allowing the hair to be pulled back or tucked. Because the clip attaches itself to the hair’s natural growth pattern. Hair extensions are trendy for both men and women.

Many times, these hair extensions can remove by only taking them out of their clips and brushing them. But there are times when these hair extensions attach in such a manner that they cannot be taken out.

Braided Humans or Synthetic Hair Clips

The most popular types of hair clips are those made of braided human hair or synthetic hair. These kinds of clips are using by most celebrities and models, especially in magazines and online. Braiding hair extensions is easy, and you will only need a few minutes to do this yourself. If you are not that easy, you can even buy a kit that includes all the materials required to complete the job.

Clip-on Hair Extension

Other types of hair clips are the clip-on hair extension. This kind of clip is a little more complicated to use than the simple braiding. To use this kind of clip, you need to apply gel-based glue on the hair and then secure it to the hairline. You need to add hair extensions to the clip then so that it will allow them to hang down. When you do this, you can then put a small amount of gel into the glue.

How to Apply Clip-on Hair Extension?

Extensions must be added on the sides of the clip for it to look its best. To do this, you should first assure that all of the hair extensions are secured. And place a small amount of glue onto each extension. Then, you need to attach the clip-on hair extension onto the glue, making sure that all of it sticks to the glue and your hairline.

Once you’ve done this, you can then take your hands and place them under the clip-on types of hair clips. As the glue is dry, you will easily remove the hair extensions.

Tips For Using the Types of Hair Clips in Hair Extension

When you have done putting on your extensions, you might want to apply a bit of gloss. It preventing them from getting smear on the hairline or around the sides of the clip-on hair clip. It helps to protect the clip-on hair clip from the skin and also helps to make the hair clip look better than usual.

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To complete the look of the clip-on hair clip, you should then apply a bit of hairspray before you put the clips on your hair. You will need to do this to prevent the hair from getting stuck to these types of hair clips.

For added security, you can also utilize an adhesive that can apply to the end of the clip, thus preventing the clips from moving around. When doing this, you can then stick a strip of tape onto one side of the clip and then apply the clip to the other.

Once the clip is stuck to the tape, you can now take the other part of the tape and put it to the back of the clip. If you are using glue, you can also glue it to the other side of the clip. Then, you can put the back part of the tape over the clip on the hair clip, and you will be able to get an added secure seal to these types of hair clips.

Bottom Line:

You can also have fun and enjoy experimenting with the different colours and designs of the clip-on hair clip. There are many fun and attractive colours available for you to choose from. There are even colours like black, red and white. These colours are also more suitable for both men and women, and therefore you will be able to find the correct colour in these types of hair clips to match your personality and lifestyle.

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