How to Use Baking Soda For Hair Dandruff

how to use baking soda for hair dandruff

If you are looking for a natural cure for dandruff, then you need to read this article about how to use baking soda for dandruff. As a long time sufferer of this condition myself, I have found that a simple homemade mixture of baking soda and water can improve the health of my scalp and help to clear up my dandruff. Read more to find out more about this magical ingredient and how it can make a difference in your life. Also, know how to use baking soda for hair dandruff.

When I first learned about using baking soda as an organic treatment for dandruff, I was sceptical. I thought that it sounded too strange, and I wondered how it would work in my case. After all, I had tried everything else to treat my dandruff, but nothing seemed to work. However, after using baking soda for dandruff for a while, I started to see positive results.

How to Use Baking Soda For Hair Dandruff

  • A Mixture Of Baking Soda And Water
  • Use A Very Mild Concoction Of Baking Soda With Anything
  • Do Not Touch Your Scalp With Your Hands At All

The secret to how to use baking soda for hair dandruff is to use a very mild concoction. I would not use anything more reliable than what is available in your kitchen. The idea is to strip away the dead skin from your scalp and replace it with healthy skin. By stripping away dead skin, your scalp can breathe, which results in much-improved circulation. Good circulation is one of the essential ingredients in how to use baking soda for dandruff.

Another aspect of dandruff that you may want to keep in mind is the fact that you should not touch your scalp with your hands at all. That will only make things worse. Your skin must be appropriately treated, and your scalp will thank you for that.

Awesome Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff Using Baking Soda

1. Baking Soda with Epsom Salts

How to use baking soda for dandruff is pretty easy once you have figured out how to do it. You need to get a container and fill it with two teaspoons of soda. Next, put some water in it so that you can make the solution a little more gentle. You will also want to add two cups of Epsom salts because these two ingredients will help the water to penetrate your scalp more efficiently and eliminate any dead skin.

2. Mix Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Now you will need to mix your shampoo and conditioner. However, do not combine both. It is best to start with one part of shampoo and one part of the conditioner. This way, the mix is more balanced.

3. Scrub Your Scalp

Finally, you will want to gently massage the solution into your scalp, using your fingers and using a circular motion to rinse your hair thoroughly. If you have to use a washcloth, you can try using a soft towel so that the scrubbing does not hurt your scalp. Read on to know how to use baking soda for hair dandruff perfectly.

4. Add Shampoo

If your hair is still oily, you will want to add a tablespoon or two of shampoo to the mix. Use this shampoo as a pre-moisturizer, and then use your regular shampoo after that. It will allow your hair to absorb the shampoo and leave it with a beautiful lustre that is entirely natural.

There are some other things that you also do when you learn how to use baking soda for hair dandruff. You can chose to pour a few drops of lavender oil to the mixture and then massage it onto your scalp, and gently massage it in, making sure to do this over some time, in order to avoid drying out your hair.


The last thing that you will want to do is dry your hair with a towel because this will only serve to strip away your natural oils and leave you with dry dandruff. If you do this, you should consider using a deep conditioner to repair your dandruff. It will help prevent further breakouts and dandruff.

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