How to Twist Rope Braid Hairstyle For any Hair Cut

How to French Twit Rope Braid

This article will tell you how to twist rope braid hairstyle for any hairstyle or hair cut. There are several steps involved in the twist braid hairstyle tutorial.

Twist Rope Braid Hairstyle Step by Step

French Rope Braid Video Tutorial in the end.

Step 1: Smooth Your Hair

You must be sure that your hair is straight, and it should be completely dry. If it’s not straight, add some conditioner to make it straight, and then comb the hair with a large brush. Take the hairbrush, and start smoothing it in a circular motion all around the head.

Step 2: Use Your Fingers to Start Rope Braid

Secondly, you need to use your fingertips to create the twist rope braid hairstyle. Starting at the back of the head, place the braid from the top of the head, through the crown of the head, through the temple, and then out the back of the head. It doesn’t matter how tight or how loose you’re working.

Step 3: Remember to Twist Hair Up

Thirdly, you must work the twist rope braid hairstyle, to twist the hair up. The best way to do this is by putting the hair over your shoulder, pulling the braid tight around your neck. Work your way towards the front of the head, and work the hair from the bottom of the head up, to the top of the head.

Step 4: Twist Until You Satisfy

Fourthly, you must work the twist rope braid hairstyle, as your hair begins to loosen. After working the entire length of the hair, stop working the twist braid hairstyle, and hold it in the position until you’re ready to begin working again. Repeat until you’re satisfied with the twist braid hairstyle.

Step 5: Finish it or Create another Twist

Fifthly, when you’re done twisting the twist rope braid hairstyle, roll the hair and work it over your hand, to create a makeshift bun. You can then take the braid or create another twist braid hairstyle, and continue.

To keep the twists coming, it’s essential to hold the twist braid hairstyle, for an extended time. It will create twists.

Here is the Braid Hair tutorial

Video Source

Bottom Line Tips for Twist Rope Braid Hairstyle:

Lastly, for the best twist braid hairstyle, it’s important to have a friend, who can hold the twist braid in place for you while you work the twist braid hairstyle. It will help you achieve the look that you want.


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