How To Rope Braid in 4 Steps- Two Strand Rope Braid

How to rope braid in 4 Steps- Two Strand Rope Braid tutorial

The quick and fancy hairstyle that makes anyone look stunning is the braid. But people usually do not know how to rope twist properly. Don’t fret! You are going to glam at the next event because you will do a flawless two-strand twist after having rope braid tutorial for two strands.

Two Strands Rope Braid Tutorial

Things needed for hairstyle.

  • Hairbrush
  • Elastic Hairband
  • Hair Spray

Step 1: Apply Hair Spray and Smooth Your Hair

Take a hairbrush to remove any tangles that cause any mess in any step of the two-strand rope braid hairstyle. Then hair sprays it. Brush again till ends.

Step 2: Add Volume to Your Hair

Allow your fingers to run on your scalp and wave your hand when your fingers in the hair. It will increase hair volume

Step 3: Take Two Hair Strand and Twist Them

Side part your hair. Take two hair strands at which side you want to braid. Start twisting two of them while adding hair to them is the start of rope braid.

As you reach your shoulder, gather all of your hair in two sections. Twist two of them counterclockwise. When it comes to twisting two of them together, twist clockwise makes rope braid.

two strand rope braid tutorial
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Step 4: Tie the Braid to Secure

When twisting, you reach the end of your hair. Stop a little above and use an elastic band to secure it.

Bottom Line Tips:

Now, after having the two strand rope braid tutorial, the twists are undoubtedly completed nicely. Now pull your braid hair beyond to give it volume. It beautifies your style and looks glam.


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