How To Make Perfect Ponytail- Steps, Tips And Hacks

How To Make Perfect Ponytail- Steps, Tips And Hacks

A ponytail is an excellent hairstyle to make when going anywhere outside. But mastering the technique of perfect ponytail is necessary. Because it does not only look great for the red carpet but for the gym too.

Perfect Ponytail- Steps, Tips And Hacks

Lets find out the the ponytail tips and step by step procedure.

Tips Before You Start Your Ponytail Hairstyle

  • Take three elastic bands to secure your hair
  • Take one brush
  • Get hair spray to fix your hair

Step 1: Gather Hair At The Crown for Perfect Ponytail

Brush your hair backward and gather some hair at the top.

Hack To Add Volume To Your Ponytail

Do a little, but beautiful backcombing to the hair gathered at the crown. Spray it. And take another significant hair strand underneath and backcomb it too. Spray it. It is an excellent start for a perfect ponytail.

Step 2: Tie The Crown Hair

Take all the backcombed hair and other upper hair at the place where you desire to do a ponytail. Tie it tightly with an elastic rubber band. Pull tied hair in right and left direction to give volume to your crown hair. It feels like half up and half down hairstyle.

Step 3: Tie The Half Down Hair

Now gather all of half down hair and tie nearest to the half up tied hair. You are stepping very close to get the perfect ponytail.

Step 4: Tie Them Together

Now take the 3rd rubber band and secure the crown tied hair and half down tied hair.

How To Make Perfect Ponytail- Steps, Tips And Hacks
How To Make Perfect Ponytail- Steps, Tips And Hacks

Step 5: Give your perfect ponytail a fuller look

To give it a sassy and voluminous look, pull your ponytail to the right and left direction with the help of your index finger and thumb.

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Bonus Tips:

To give your ponytail a dramatic look, take a hair strand from underneath your ponytail and wrap it around your elastic bands. Tada! A perfect ponytail is ready to rock you all day long.

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