How to Make Castile Soap Shampoo at Home

how to make a castile soap shampoo natural recipe at home

When the recipe for soap is mentioned, you would think that it would be tough to make an excellent smelling homemade shampoo with Castile soap. But most people find it very easy to do. You can learn how to make Castile soap at home and have a gentle smelling shampoo without spending much money.

What’s great about learning how to make a homemade shampoo with this soap is that you can use this kind of soap for years. So you won’t have to change products too often because your family will like it.

Benefits of Castile Soap Shampoo

Great For Sensitive Skin

You may be figuring out “How to make this soap shampoo at home? ” After overheard of this soap now. It’s made with lye which is an alkali, and it smells slightly like an onion.
However, even though it may smell like an onion, it’s not bad for you, so it’s great for people who have sensitive skin.

Things to Remember Before Making Castile Soap Shampoo

Another thing to remember is that Castile soap is a bit heavier than regular soap and you will probably need to add some water to it. Another thing you must remember is that you should never put your Castile soap in the dryer or try to hand-wash it. It can make the soap dry up and damage the lye, which can be dangerous.

How to Make Castile Soap Shampoo – Castile Soap Shampoo Recipe

So, how to make this soap shampoo at home with lye? First, you will need to buy the ingredients.

  1. All you need is to find a light-coloured plastic container and soak it in warm water. Add some Castile soap and let it soak for at least a half-hour.
  2. Now you should add a small cup of distilled water to the mixture. stir it around until it becomes a thick liquid.
  3. Next, you should pour the mix into the mould. Then you should pour the soap mixture into your palm and squeeze it gently. Then you should give it a good shake to make sure that it comes out correctly.
  4. How to make Castile soap shampoo at home is easy once you know how to squeeze a soap solution. However, if you don’t have a couple of hands, then you may want to have someone help you out.
  5. Don’t forget to rinse out the mould after you get done making your batch. If you do it right, you should have a gentle smelling shampoo that will clean your skin thoroughly.

Bottom Line

Learning how to make a homemade shampoo with Castile soap is simple once you follow the steps outlined above. However, you should know that you will also need to test it on a small area of your skin before you start using it. Otherwise, you can make natural homemade shampoo and conditioner.

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