How To French Braid- 5 Easy Steps For French Braid

How To French Braid- 5 Easy Steps For French Braid

Who did not want to learn an evergreen hairstyle like a french braid hair? Also known as a french plait. Whether you need to go at a formal event or informal gathering, nothing can beat french braid hairstyle.

If you did not know how to do a french braid because you are a beginner then no need to fret because after reading this blog post, you could do it in no time, so, let’s get started.

Quick And Easy Step By Step Guide To French Braid

It is so simple and easy to create a french plait. Just sit on your relaxing couch, or put your mobile in front of you while standing in front of the mirror and follow easy steps for a french braid hairstyle. You can put a smile on your friend’s face by making braid hairstyle on her hair while she is getting ready for any occasion.

Tip: Avoid Starting Braid Hair With Freshly-washed Hair

French braid must need a texture that can be-hold and also do not use any conditioner that makes your hair slippery. If freshly washed, it is good to use a sea salt spray.

Step 1: Make Section To Start French Braid Hairstyle

Comb your hair from the front of your head to backwards, gather some hair at the crown. Make three equal sections left, centre and right.

Step 2: Crisscross The Sections With One Another

Take left section of your hair and cross in between the centre and right part. Now take the right section and cross in between the left and centre sections of hair stand.

Again, take the right section of your hair and cross in between the centre and left part. Then take the left section and cross in between the other two hair strands, like before.

Step 3: Add More Hair To The Left And Right Sections

When you are crisscrossing the braided hair from left to right and right to left, do not forget to add more hair in them.

Hold on! If you are not getting the main part of the french braid, we are explaining everything to you.

When you are crossing over left section add more hair to it aside from the actual three parts. Again when it comes to right section crossover, do the same to add more hair.

Step 4: Recall The Standard Braid Technique

Repeat step 3 unless you reach the nape of your neck. At this point there is no need to add more hair to the hair strands/section you have actually, there is no way to do that.

Then recall the standard braid technique and reach at the end of your hair.

french braid
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Step 5: Secure Your French Braid

As you are reaching the end of your hair, remember to stop a bit above form the end. Secure it with an elastic.

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How To French Braid- 5 Easy Steps For French Braid hairstyle

Bonus Tips:

To give your braid a dramatic, cute and romantic look, loosen your french braid a little bit with the help of index fingers and thumb. Add beauty to your braid hair by taking a hair strand and wrap it on the elastic. Tada! You are ready to be in the spotlight.

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