How to Dry Shampoo Your Hair: Tips

How to Dry Shampoo Your Hair

Who does want to have greasy looking hair? Of course, no one. For this, you have a perfect solution that is dry shampoo. But the question is how to use it on hair correctly. Because when we are in the situation to get ready on the last minute, we ruin our looks. But from now, you do not need to worry about because we are giving you tips to use dry shampoo on hair excellently. Also, tells you about the mistakes you must avoid.

How to Use Dry Shampoo on Hair:

Let’s get started:

Prior to Use Right Colour For Your Hair:

If you have light hair colour and you pick a dark shade dry shampoo, you will have discoloured roots in the end. If you select the light shade when you have bright hair colour, you will have dull roots with a white cast. So this is the first tip. Also, this is a significant and initial mistake to avoid.

Shake the Bottle:

When you are ready to use it, shake the bottle well. It ensures the evenness formula. So that it works at its best. As aero-solution usually set at the bottom, so shaking it blend the formula.

Do Not Spray on the Scalp:

Now you are ready to use dry shampoo on hair but remember do not spray on your scalp. Hold the spray bottle 4 to 12 inches away from your hair.

Spread Dry Shampoo:

When spraying on the hair and not to focus at the one place, move your bottle around the head while not keeping it close. Also, use your fingers for sweeping motion in your hair. It ensures that spray is spreading evenly.

Apply Only Where Hair Seems Greasiest:

It is not a very good idea to apply dry shampoo all over your head and hair. Usually, the ends of the hair are not greasy. so leave that part and do on scalp hair but from the distance.

Do Not Use Dry Shampoo Too Much:

You must have found some people, saying that their hair looks dull and discoloured. The reason behind it is overusing the product on your hair. Also, your hair looks dry, stiff and gritty. So it is better to avoid using it.

Avoid Hurry Brushing After Dry Shampoo Spritz:

When you use the product on your hair, do not start brushing or combing your hair immediately. Let it rest on your hair for a couple of minutes. Massage your hair gently with fingers. Then style your hair

Expert Advice: Using dry shampoo every day start clogging your hair follicles and weaken the hair strength that leads to hair loss.

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